A richer retirement with better advice, a better portfolio and no useless or hidden fees.

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We build your financial plan and manage your portfolio in accordance to your personal situation and objectives.

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Freedom from the high fees and conflicts of interest of your financial advisor.

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Better advice, better portfolios, better outcomes.

In a world where your interest too often takes a backseat to those of financial institutions and their shareholders, the founders of Archer share a belief: expert, un-conflicted advice, a diversified portfolio of index funds and the elimination of hidden or useless fees lead to better financial outcomes.

Archer is a portfolio manager registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers in Quebec.

De meilleurs conseils


Better advice

We are independent financial advisors. We are never in a conflict of interest: we answer to our clients, not shareholders.

Un portefeuille optimal


A better portfolio

Archer’s approach uses index investing to structure a diversified and personalized portfolio that minimizes risk, costs and your tax bill.

Aucuns frais inutiles ou cachés


No hidden or useless fees

Fees are the worst ennemy of your investment returns. We eliminate all hidden or useless fees to improve the performance of your portfolio.

De meilleurs résultats


Better outcomes

Better advice, a better portfolio and the elimination of useless fees lead to better outcomes and a richer retirement.




imgArcher applies an index approach to construct personalised, diversified portfolios that minimize risk, costs and your tax bill.

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imgYou’ll never reach your goals without a good plan! We build a financial plan with you that covers all your needs.

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imgYou have accumulated $1M in assets. We provide our private clients with an enhanced level of service to meet their more complex financial needs.

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imgWe charge a fee for our financial advice and portfolio management but you do not pay transaction fees.

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$300 000 more for your retirement

We eliminate hidden and useless fees that eat into your investment returns. As a result, your savings work harder for you- not your financial institution- and they grow faster!

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