What it costs

You pay a fee for portfolio management services and the  NBIN custody fee. You also assume the transaction fees and the management fees of the exchange traded funds in your portfolio (0.15% to 0.30% depending on the size of your portfolio) and the transaction fees.

40% lower fees

Your total fees, including custody and ETF fees, are up to 50% lower than wealth management fees of your financial institution of mutual fund fees.

$300 000 more for your retirement

We eliminate hidden and useless fees that eat into your investment returns. As a result, your savings work harder for you- not your financial institution- and they grow faster!


Less fees

More $ for your retirement


Portfolio Management

Archer’s approach uses index investing to structure a diversified and personalized portfolio that minimizes risk, costs and your tax bill.

Financial Planning

Achieving your financial goals starts with a good plan! We develop that financial plan with you, covering all your needs.

Private Wealth Management

You have accumulated $1M in assets. We provide our private clients with an enhanced level of service to meet their more complex financial needs.


We charge a fee for our financial advice and portfolio management but you do not pay transaction fees.

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